An Overview of Features
UniMaint, a Must Have Desktop Utility

UniMaint provides a unified suite of utilities designed to allow you to maintain your OS/2 Workplace Shell, including automated repair of INI files, facilities for displaying and editing EAs, Desktop backup and restore, and portable Desktop backups which allow the user to port the Desktop to another machine or version of OS/2.

UniMaint also allows you to archive and reinstall applications! It allows you to move applications from one drive to another without the need to reinstall the application from the original product disks or CD-ROM. UniMaint also uninstalls applications. Simply drag a program object to the Uninstall icon, and UniMaint will delete program files and directories, remove associated WPS Objects, delete DLLs, erase CONFIG.SYS entries, eliminate program help files, and purge OS2.INI file entries. UniMaint will uninstall OS/2, DOS and WINOS2 applications--even those that were installed before UniMaint!

Major features include:

    Manage Applications:
      Uninstall Applications
        - Deletes application files and directories.
        - Eliminates entries in INI and SYS files.
        - Removes associated help files and DLLs.
        - Effective on OS/2, DOS and WINOS2 applications.
      Archive and Reinstall Applications
        - Move applications from directory to directory or drive to drive.
        - Eliminates time-consuming reinstallation from floppy or CDROM and recustomization.
        - Updates system files, including the OS2.INI, WIN.INI and CONFIG.SYS -- automatically!
    Maintain your OS/2 System:
      Maintain the OS/2 INI Files, including the OS2.INI and OS2SYS.INI files, featuring help to decode obscure PM and WPS entries and utilities to:
        - Purge obsolete WPS and file handle entries.
        - Remove unused printer entries.
        - View and edit INI files.
        - Copy or move all or part of an INI file
      Maintain your file system's extended attributes (EAs)
        - Select a single file, all files in a directory, or all files and directories on a drive to view or edit EAs.
        - Copy, save, split and join EAs between files and directories
        - Test EAs for validity
        - Decode complex EA types for easy viewing and editing
      EXE/DLL Cross Reference Utility. Scans the system for references to DLLs in EXE files and other DLLs and builds a table indicating the references.

      View or modify all WPS Settings for all Objects on the desktop on a global basis

        - Display or modify all object settings, both those presented in the object Settings Notebook as well as many not included in the OS/2 facility.
        - Display or alter settings for the entire Desktop or specific objects selected using Drag and Drop.
        - Select objects using a variety of criteria, including WPS Class and Title.
    Desktop Protection and Portability:
      Protect your Desktop with the Desktop Backup facility.
        - Maintain a user determined number of generations, each generation contained in a single file for ease of maintenance.
        - Automatic Backup. Performs the Desktop backup procedure to occur at specified intervals or when a specified number of modifications have been made to the Desktop.
      Fully customable:
        - Add additional files using single filename or wildcards
        - Generates CMD files for backup and restore to automate in batch files or using a scheduler program.
      Port your Desktop with the Portable Desktop Backup facility.
        - Create an object by object backup of Desktop.
        - Move all or part or your Desktop to a different machine or different version of OS/2.
        - Restore the entire Desktop or restore individual objects.
        - Saves all WPS object information, including information that cannot be saved using published WPS methods.
        - Automatically adjusts to any new WPS Class, saving all WPS information for all Objects based on the new Class.
      Ease of use features:
        - Wizards provide a 'guided tour' through setting up and performing the most common and popular UniMaint functions.
        - Exhaustive Help facility
        - Tools Folder
        - Fully customable Toolbar
To Download a Demo Version of UniMaint Click HERE
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